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Carolina Herrera Good Girl Perfume
2022-08-23 10:21 Good Girl was launched in 2016 and is a hit. The nose behind it is Louise Turner. The top notes are almond, coffee, bergamot and lemon, the middle notes are tuberose, Sambac jasmine, orange flower...
Essence All in One Face Cream
2022-08-23 10:04 He have to talk in depth about it. First, the shade. It is medium, so if you have fair or light skin you won’t stand a chance. It will be too dark for you. But if you tan... Of course, if your skin...
H&M Men Sports Shoes - August 2022
2022-08-22 08:38 These are bought from H&M using the member program, which means at a very good discounted price. They are sports shoes meant for spring and summer, with leather and an waterproof textile material. I...
Lancome Advanced Genifique Yeux Light Pearl
2022-08-22 08:22 Youth Activating Eye and Lash Concentrate It has a milky and runny consistency and. among other things, it contains glycerin, lactic acid, sodium hyaluronate, yeast extract, caffeine and arginine. ...
Born in Roma Coral Fantasy Perfume
2022-08-22 08:08 This is an eau de parfum with a floral fruity fragrance built around a bouquet and a fresh kiwi, rose, mosc and ambretta accord. It was launched in 2022 and created by Nadege le Garlantezec and Jac...
Catrice Kaviar Gauche Lipgloss
2022-08-22 07:50 This is a limited edition and that’s the shade C01 Cloudy Blossom. It is so buttery and moisturizing for the lips and indeed it has volumizing effect. I don’t think the difference will shock you,...
Revox Retinol Serum
2022-08-21 13:54 I love it! Use it only at night. It contains pure retinol with progressive release. It has also vitamin E and an oil blend. It fights effectively against wrinkle and uneven skin tone. This is from ...
Oriflame Giordani Gold Original
2022-08-21 13:43 This is an eau de parfum and one of most beautiful perfumes made by Oriflame. I love it, is like a flower symphony. It has mandarin, orange flowers and patchouli.   xoxo  
Revers Nail Polish No 24
2022-08-21 13:39 Ir reminds me of a Rimmel Nail Polish that I bought some years ago, not so many, though.  However, givind the fact that fall is coming, it seemed to me to be an appropriate shade.    xoxo
Revers Nail Polish No 68
2022-08-21 13:28 This is a hot pink so beautiful I could cry. It is so flattering in the summer, when the skin is tanned or naturally dark or darker. It works wonders with fake nail. I will show you.   xoxo

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