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This is Somewhere in Milan


Now, this is my first contact with Zara beauty products and I must say, I’m impressed.

The palette is made of a white plastic, but very sturdy and qualitative, very elegant, and I do not think it will ever break. Plus, you can feel its weight.

It has a parallelogram form, with a big, nice mirror inside.

For face we have a highlighter (gold), a blush (peachy with small golden flecks) and a bronzer (medium warm brown), and for eyes we have six eyeshadows (one matte, medium warm brown, darker than the bronzer; four shimmery and one with big gold, red and pink flecks).

They are so pigmented and so easy to work with. As summer is coming, they seem to me so appropriate as color scheme.

All in all, a big love!



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