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Bits of fried chicken and Eisberg salad




This is another simple food that you can cook in a hurry. God knows we all are in search of more time, so here you have a nice meal for lunch or dinner.

You need an Eisberg salad and tomatoes, plus some chicken meat. Prepare first the salad by chopping the quantity needed of Eisberg salad, add some tomato slices, then fry the chicken meat and put it on the salad.

Lunch/Dinner is ready!





Use canned mushrooms, drain the water and put them on a frying pan with a bit of oil. We use mostly sunflower oil, but you are free to choose whatever oil is also good for frying.

When they are tender take them out and put the turkey croquettes.

If nedded, add more oil and fry them of both sides. They can burn easily, so take care not to let them too long. Check them constantly.

In the end put salt, oregano and garlic (powder) on the mushrooms and that’s it.

Bon appetit!


French fries with feta cheese


- or any type of cheese. The one you like.



You don’t need the recipe, the title is the recipe itself.

Love it!