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Gemiful Gold Plated Jewelry - code GIFT 20% OFF

MEREU ÎNVINGĂTOR de Mark Batterson


MAGUL DE LA KREMLIN de Giuliano da Empoli

STEPHEN HAWKING. Amintiri despre prietenie și fizică de Leonard Mlodinov

ADMITERE în magistratură și avocatură - pachet complet


LEBĂDA NEAGRĂ: Noutăți editoriale

VODCĂ ROȘIE de Bogdan Piticariu


Starbucks Spring Season Blend 2023

Snake Print H&M Pants

Sinsay Press-on Nails

Zara Cheek and Eye Color Palette

Rare Beauty Matte Lipstick - Lively

Farmasi Nail Polish - Mermaid Eyes


Ice Spice & Nicki Minaj - Princess Diana

‘Nobody Can Take Your Power’: Megan Thee Stallion in Her Own Words

Zendaya, Blackpink's Lisa, Anne Hathaway, and Priyanka Chopra United in Bulgari Diamonds and Gowns

Smiths bassist Andy Rourke dies aged 59

Prince Harry and Meghan involved in 'near catastrophic car chase with paparazzi' across New York

Fear for Kyrgios, injured during a robbery

The Weeknd now goes by his birth name, Abel Tesfaye, after saying he wants to 'kill the Weeknd'

Johnny Depp: Don't judge me over abuse case

Ben Affleck: "everyone has to pay that price"

See Why Steve Harvey Thinks Women Are in Charge of Homes

Gucci's fashion show event in Seoul: the best looks and the stars

Professor breaks record for time living underwater

Rafael Nadal says expects 2024 to be his last year in tennis

Jennifer Aniston's most honest interview: her true feelings about love and 'Friends'

Jack Nicholson caught on camera: unkempt and confused hasn't been seen in a year and a half

Lawsuit alleges Dwayne Haskins was drugged and blackmailed before his death

Mary Quant, inventor of miniskirts and hotpants, dies at 93

Kate Middleton: „Stop calling me Kate”

Difficulties in the life of Hailey Bieber

Millie Bobby Brown announces she's engaged

ABBA's long-term guitarist Lasse Wellander dies at the age of 70 after falling ill with cancer

Giraffe woman now: Her looks after removing the neck rings


MAC Lustre Lipstick - Milan Mode

Tom Ford Black Orchid

H&M Snake Print Pants

REM Beauty Eyeshadow Palette - Babydoll 

MAC Whitney Houston Lipstick

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor

H&M Black and White Shoes

DM - Balea Shower Gels

Paris Hilton - The Memoir

Meghan Trainor - Takin’ It Back

Oprah, congratulations on your 100th book selection

Michelle Obama - The Light Podcast

Zara Grey Booties

Revlon Highlighting Palette Rose Glow

Revlon Maverick Eyeshadow Palette

Midnights CD - Taylor Swift

Halo Beauty Anti-aging Booster

The Light We Carry - A New Book



William makes surprise visit to troops in Poland


Gabrielle Chanel Essence


Lansat în 2019, parfumul este creaţia lui Olivier Polge. Notele de vârf sunt de citrice, coacăze negre, fructe roşii şi piersică, cele de mijloc de flori albe, tuberoză...

Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom


Coco Bloom is a new range of lipsticks recently launched by Chanel.

It looks a lot like Chanel Coco Flash, but the formula is more intense, more ... 

Sephora Colorful Blush


This is the shade I’m in love, no. 33.

It is matte and applies like heaven. Seriously now... 


Fond de ten Sephora Glow Perfection / Sephora Glow Perfection Foundation


Acest fond de ten este lichid, dar are o cremozitate mai deosebită foarte plăcută, aşadar este ideal pentru tenurile normale, mixte, uscate şi foarte uscate...

Huda Beauty Nude Light Palette


Este ca un vis devenit realitate. Paleta conţine 9 farduri de ochi de o calitate excepţională, dintre care 5 sunt mate, iar patru sidefate. Toate sunt pigmentate, dar cele mate sunt ca o pulbere fină care se distribuie uniform şi se estompează cum cu greu vă puteţi imagina...

Balmain Paris Texturizing Salt Spray



Cu o textură aparte, foarte fină şi uşor uleioasă care se transformă treptat într-un fel de fixativ, dacă-i putem spune aşa, sprayul pentru texturizare de la Balmain este o alternativă extraordinară pentru nenumăratele produse de styling pe care le utilizăm...

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This time, the monsters turn into humans and Johnny turns into a monster! A big, bad one!

Everybody is astouned by the transformation, nobody fits in his skin anymore...


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După 17 ani de la lansarea Bad Boys II, Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) îi spune lui Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) că vrea să se retragă. A venit momentul să nu mai fie băieţi răi, ci bărbaţi buni...

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