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Halo Beauty Her Daily Multi Body & Brain Booster




I bought from Halo Beauty the three products (the one for skin, this one for women and the one for hair, skin and nails). There is also His Daily Multi on the website. I’ll start in order, in the order of testing, and today I’ll talk about Halo Beauty Her Daily Multi Body & Brain Booster.


If you don’t know by now, this company is owned by Tati Westbrook, a renowned beauty guru on YouTube, very beautiful and very talented. I was contacted by her (offered a promo code) and right away I placed an order.

As soon as I received them, I start taking the pills and, good Lord, did I need them…  


Halo Beauty Her Daily Multi Body & Brain Booster gives you a nice overall feeling, you are going to sleep fabulous at night and, maybe, if you have the luxury, also in the day a bit, it strengthens your work power, your brain will function better because it will be well rested and refreshed and all in all you will feel energized. These effects are clear and quick.

I love Her Daily Multi Body & Brain Booster and I definitely keep buying it.





Halo Beauty kiwi seed booster & Hair, skin, nails Booster



Of course I also bought the two boosters, but I needed some time to try them.

The Kiwi Seed Booster clarifies the skin, gives radiance and also quite a remarkable skin retexturizing, while the Hair, Skin and Nails Booster retexturize the skin and fights against fine lines. As for those anti-gray fighting enzymes, I could swear they do their job.

So both have very nice effects on hair, skin and nails, that’s why I would recommend using them alternatively. Today the first one, the next day the second one and the third day the Body and Brain Booster, then repeat.

I love both of them and all of them!